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Beruflicher Werdegang

We value both types of career, since we benefit from employees with a broad understanding of our business, as much as from those who specialize in one part.
A can-do attitude is about demonstrating positivity towards the projects and tasks and showing respect for the views and arguments of others. It’s about playing an active role in their team and taking every opportunity to develop new skills.
Most of all, it means maximizing every opportunity to contribute through being passionate about helping JTI grow.
JTI managers are guided on how to spot the right attitude when hiring. It’s as important as finding the right skills.

Building relationships

We encourage employees to build relationships, not only with peers and managers in their immediate team, but also with colleagues in different countries and other functions.
We support this process with training opportunities that involve assignments in new environments and management frameworks that bring employees into contact with senior people.
The networks that evolve become spaces for knowledge-sharing, mutual support and cross-referencing of business ideas and experiences.

Promotions from within

We've been very successful in developing our internal talent pool, filling thousands of positions each year with existing employees of JTI. Almost 90% of management appointments in the last few years have been promotions from within.
These very positive figures result from our focus on employee development and encouraging employees to grow their talent through increasingly challenging assignments.
New challenges, with greater responsibility and opportunities to develop new skills, are open to all employees – those who want to develop their career locally, as well as those seeking international exposure.