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Was unterscheidet uns ?


1. The opportunities are there to be seized

JTI is a global business with markets in 120 countries worldwide, but we were only formed in 1999. We’re big enough to offer you a wide range of learning and development opportunities, while our young culture will give you the freedom to determine your own path.
JTI employees can shape their own futures, and in 2011, 21% of our employees changed their roles.

2. We're a company that you can grow with

JTI is an established business that is still growing – we are the fastest-growing company in our industry over the past decade. We firmly believe that as we grow so can our people, personally and professionally, both in their present role and as their career evolves.
We are pursuing the principle of ‘promotion from within’. As a result, in 2011, 87% of management-level positions were filled internally.

3. Opportunities in your location

JTI has offices and factories around the world, and we’re close to the communities where we operate. Whatever your role and wherever you work, you’ll have access to the international practices and diverse experiences of people from a truly global business. Your career progression will also be enhanced by outstanding local training, learning and development opportunities.
At locations across the world, we took on 2615 new recruits in 2011.

4. Opportunities for the internationally mobile

Bringing together 27,000 people, representing more than 100 nationalities, in 73 countries, JTI is an international business in which no one nationality takes precedence. Our diversity is one of our core strengths, and you could follow in the footsteps of many employees who have taken advantage of the chance to meet people of different cultures and nationalities and develop a career with an international dimension.

5. New ideas are welcomed and embraced

Our diversity is reflected in our breadth of thinking. We value enterprising minds. New ideas can come from anyone – anywhere – and everyone is encouraged to innovate and try new things. We run a Global Employee Engagement Survey to elicit the opinions of all our people on a regular basis.
Every employee at JTI is encouraged to come up with improvement recommendations. For example, on average, each factory employee makes three recommendations per year.