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Page Personnel Sales & Marketing

Page Personnel Sales & Marketing is dedicated to the support of specialists and young professionals in their search for a job in which they can develop their full potential. Both job seekers and businesses benefit from cooperation with Page Personnel Sales & Marketing. Thanks to the support of Page Personnel Sales & Marketing HR managers have to spend considerably less time searching for a new employee and get a solid selection of suitable candidates. Sales and marketing is an important component of a variety of industries. We provide candidates in the following areas:
  • Industry
  • High-Tech / telecommunication / IT
  • Business / professional services
  • Retail
  • Finances
The range of positions to which we have already successfully conveyed candidates is large and varied. The table below is a selection of areas for which we have found highly motivated employees and for which we are always looking for suitable candidates:
  • Sales management
  • Marketing management
  • Communication
  • Brands / product management
  • Event coordination
  • Market analysis
  • Sales office work

Experts at the service of experts

The consultants at Page Personnel Sales & Marketing have worked themselves in the filed of sales and marketing. Therefore, they have extensive personal experience and an extensive network. This makes them the ideal partner for both companies as well as candidates. With more than 150 locations in over 30 countries, Page Personnel Sales & Marketing is in the unique position of being able to recruit the best and brightest candidates for national and international companies from around the world. We only use innovative methods that have proven effective, such as the professional use of social media. Through this pragmatic and goal-oriented approach Page Personnel guarantees its customers a high-quality selection of potential employees. Our consultants can also assist you in creating meaningful job descriptions, exactly to the appeal of candidates who bring the skills and competencies you need.
If you are looking for a job, our experts assist you in site-specific tailoring your CV and cover letter. In addition, our consultants will help you in preparing for job interviews. Because our consultants have worked themselves in the sales & marketing sector, you will have knowledge and contacts at your disposal that will give you an advante over the other candidates. They have a good sense of trends and extensive knowledge of the standards in the industry. With the expertise of our consultants, you will stand out positively from the other candidates.