Our sourcing methodology

Our decades of experience and success prove our ability to find highly qualified employees for a wide range of companies in a vast variety of industries. But what exactly is the method we use to help you with employee acquisition? Below we go into more detail about the various aspects of our successful method.
A combination of traditional methods and new, modern approaches
Our method consists of a two-pronged strategy. We combine tried and trusted industry methods with innovative solutions tailored to each specific vacant position. This dual strategy exploits modern social media and other unconventional channels. We can find suitable candidates for even the most specific, challenging job profiles a company may have.
In addition to social media, our consultants also post job vacancies on a variety of online platforms. This significantly broadens the scope of the search and allows us to reach candidates in a manner that speaks directly to them. Of course, they also post all job vacancies on the Page Personnel website, where candidates can find them with ease.
An analysis of the requirements for each specific job vacancy. Our consultants work with clients to assess what qualifications and skills are needed for the open position. This analysis helps to search for suitable candidates in a more targeted manner. It also facilitates the process of drafting a job description designed to draw the attention of a specific type of candidate.