Attraction and recruitment advice

How not to do your employer branding
Not all companies realise that talented employees nowadays look for more than only a well paid job. That’s why bad employer branding can cost you the best candidates.

Six things modern leaders can learn from Kodak´s Moment
Six lessons that modern leaders should take to heart if they want to avoid their own ´Kodak Moment´.

Millennials: Friend or foe?
Millennials. The most talked about generation since, well, since ever. They are the children of the wealthy, healthy and active baby boomer generation of the 60s.

Soft skills – how to assess them
Soft skills or non-technical skills are transferable skills that are used in many different types of jobs. They are personal qualities and attitudes that can help a candidate work well with others and make a positive contribution to your organisation.

Defining your company culture

Whether or not you’ve noticed it, your organisation will have its own ‘culture’. 

How to attract the best candidates
It’s true that a company’s most important asset is their people.

How to write a job advert
Do you struggle to structure your job ads when you’re looking to attract top talent? 

Sell your benefits
Not all candidates consider a job or an organisation based solely on the salary, particularly when the money on offer is the going rate.

The advantages of temporary employees
Many temps are skilled workers who have left permanent employment in search of a more flexible career.

What does your employer brand say?
Before you consider complex strategies for candidate attraction, have you made sure your employer brand is reaching its potential?

How to carry out a job analysis
Job analysis is a critical element in the process of recruitment.