Write a great cover letter


Writing a great cover letter is the key to success

Your cover letter is the first impression a prospective employer has of you. That means that you should be sure to make your cover letter memorable and enticing. There are a number of quick and easy ways to ensure that your cover letter lands you an interview and, hopefully, a job!

Be succinct and relevant

A cover letter should be a succinct presentation of yourself and the reasons you are interested in the position. Since your cover letter precedes your CV, there is no need to include superfluous information that can be found there.

Be interested and stand out

Including information about the specifics of the job or your interest in the company shows that you have done your research. You know more than the average candidate. As the idea is to awake the employer's interest in you, make sure to accentuate your strengths and special skills.

Be honest and accurate

Avoid speaking about yourself in negative terms since this may place a seed of doubt in the employer's mind. If you are unsure of yourself, what will prevent your employer from also doubting your abilities? That being said, make sure all the information included in your cover letter is both accurate and verifiable. Presenting a false front should be avoided. Trustworthiness is usually high on the priority list of qualities valued in a potential employee.

Be consistent and detailed

In addition to content, the visual presentation of your cover letter is as important as what is in it. Choose a layout, font and system of organisation that is consistent throughout your cover letter and your CV. This may seem like a small point. However displaying your attention to detail in your cover letter shows that you bring that same organisational focus to the workplace.
Putting the finishing touches on your cover letter should involve extremely careful proofreading. Avoid making a generic cover letter for every job you apply for. Make sure to check that the employer's or interviewer's name is correctly spelt. Add details about the company that show your letter was written for the specific position. Finally, have the letter read several times by a trusted friend. Since you are familiar with the text you will likely overlook any spelling mistakes or sentences that may be unclear or poorly structured. A second set of eyes is invaluable when you are preparing your cover letter for an interview. Page Personnel can offer you all the help you need to make sure your cover letter and CV land you an interview.