Working in CH


Page Personnel can help you find your dream job in Switzerland

Living and working abroad is a unique opportunity. When it arises you should most certainly take advantage of the experiences and perspectives it can offer. One of the most exciting and interesting places to work abroad is Switzerland. Page Personnel can help you on your search for a job in Switzerland with our wealth of contacts and networks throughout the country.

Do your homework

Thoroughly research what is required before you plan any type of move. EEA nationals have the right to work in Switzerland for less than three months. However, this short-term work must be registered online. In any other case, then you need to apply for a residence permit. Page Personnel will exhaust its resources to find you the ideal job in Switzerland. However it will request administrative efforts on your side.
For cross-borders, a dedicated procedure allows you to hold a working permit with the possibility to live in France, Germany, Italy or Austria.
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Highlight your international experience and culture

With your documents and any permits sorted, you can prepare yourself for the job search. Bring ample references and work certificates to corroborate your previous experience for your potential employers. Work experience and special skills will help awake the interest of your possible boss. Coming from a different educational and cultural background may very well help you stand out from other candidates. The ability to bring a different attitude, a new approach or unique cultural perspectives are definitely selling points that will help you find work. Make sure to make use of those advantages in any interview situation to set yourself apart from other candidates.

Get to know a new business culture

What are the advantages of working in Switzerland? In the same way that you bring a unique perspective to a Swiss employer, you are also afforded the opportunity to live and work in a new and exciting country. You can gain valuable insights, practices and approaches to bring back when you return to your home country. This will be enticing to a prospective employer either at home or in another country. Living and working in Switzerland is not only valuable for your CV. It is also an exciting opportunity for personal growth within a different business environment. Who knows where a period working in Switzerland might land you later in life? Page Personnel is prepared to help you on your job search in Switzerland. We can help you establish contacts, set up interviews and land the job of your dreams.