Tips for expats - Finding a job in Zurich


Welcome to Zurich

Zurich is a multi-cultural centre, brimming with a diverse mix of locals and international workers from around the world. If you are moving to Switzerland either temporarily or for the long term, finding a job will certainly be at the top of your agenda. Our Page Personnel consultants will help you every step of the way on your job search with our tips for expats working and living in Switzerland.

Tips for your job search

One of the most important things for expats trying to find a job in Zurich, Geneva or Lausanne is to distinguish themselves from the rest of Swiss work force. Make sure to highlight special skills, previous international experience or other traits that make you particularly enticing to a potential employer. Naturally, a command of one of the official languages - especially in a business context - is a great plus. Any further language skills, particularly Chinese, Japanese or Russian, you can bring to the workplace can only work to your advantage. Make sure to note any languages you speak and your proficiency in them in your CV.

Emphasise your strengths

Another skill you have is the ability to bring unique experiences and new perspectives. Do not hesitate to emphasise any work experience that is particular to your culture in your CV. This change of perspective and the opportunity for diversity is likely to be very appealing to a prospective employer. At the same time, make sure to highlight your willingness to learn new things and integrate into Swiss society. Your eagerness to not only adapt to your new environment, but also to learn about Swiss working practices and culture are sure to impress any employer.

Develop your network

You can simplify your job search by reaching out to any potential contacts you might have in Switzerland. Employers are likely to take a candidate with references known to the company or interviewer. Using any networking opportunities you have in such international and multicultural cities will serve you well.

Leave the searching to us!

Page Personnel can help you find the perfect job for your needs and qualifications. Help us help you by sending a comprehensive CV with ample references to us before your move to Zurich, Geneva or Lausanne. Make sure to check the visa requirements before you plan a move to Switzerland or work as a cross-border. When you are fully prepared, we can help you get into your ideal workplace with utmost ease and speed.