Job search advice

Tips for expats – finding a job in Zurich
Are you an expat looking for a job in Zurich? Page Personnel provides some top tips and advice from recruitment experts.

Shifting your career path
Keen to embark on a new career? Whether you want to change role functions or move to a new industry, there’s a lot to consider.

Write a great covering letter
A strong covering letter can differentiate your CV from the countless others that pass across an employer's desk, making your application stand out.

Write a great CV
A great CV can occasionally itself secure you a job, especially if you are applying for temporary work. At the very least, a strong CV should help promote you and secure interviews.

Networking tips
Ask any successful business leader or career savvy individual about their greatest career advancement secrets and you can be sure the subtle art of networking will sit amongst the top three on their list.

Working in CH
Working in CH has appeal for candidates looking for international experience. Find out more about settling yourself up in CH.

Could Facebook stop you getting hired?
The web now plays a huge role in the recruitment process for both employers and for candidates. With the increasing popularity of online CV searches, digital portfolios and online job boards, the recruitment process has firmly shifted into the online domain.

Five secrets to a happy job hunt
While you can’t always avoid disappointments, there are a few common traits to a positive, successful job hunt.

Seven job hunting bad habits you should quit
In light of rejection and a seemingly endless job hunt, many candidates can lose sight of their goals and can stop pushing forward in their efforts to find that ideal position.

Six reasons for not getting a job offer
Rejection, unfortunately, features in many job hunts. Even with a strong CV and great interview technique, you can still miss out on opportunities in a competitive market.