Job interview tips

Improve your interview technique
Interview technique is a critical skill which you’ll need to master if you’re to make the most of your talents and get that job.

Answering tough interview questions
Even the most confident of candidates gets thrown by the most simple of interview questions. There is no right or wrong way of dealing with these.

Competency based interview questions
So, what's a competency based interview and why are they so prevalent nowadays? Well, you know you're in a competency based interview if you're asked to describe how you dealt with certain situations in the past.

Aptitude testing
As a jobseeker, your ability to understand, analyse and interpret numerical, written and visual information presented to you in test format can make all the difference when it comes to securing the job on offer.

How to negotiate your salary
Salary negotiation is a skill that those hiring are usually much more adept at than those they hire, so it is important to work out exactly what you want before even going for interview.

Nine questions to ask your recruitment consultant before your next interview
You’ve probably had all the details you think you need, but here are some questions to ask your recruitment consultant before your next interview: